Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (两)

1st Sunday, Gozran, 4715 AR

Continuing to observe the crew and my fellow hires. The next several days have gone by uneventfully so I have taken the opportunity to relax, enjoy the open sea, and casually observe.

While Sandraudiga is repulsive in every manner possible, she is consistent. She puts her pride, loyalty to others, and her deep rooted desire to socialize before anything. I would include her capacity to fight on that list, but her fighting prowess is merely a manifestation of the three former traits, though she is skilled I admit. She has been attempting to frustrate me with her wiles by trying to get me to speak with her about myself. She has been sorely disappointed. She clearly has deeply ingrained flaws that would be perfect to leverage should the time come. Someone dying on her watch, or some other outcome that would go to demonstrate her failure to the “tribe” would likely go a long ways to mentally wreck this female.

Sandraudiga did after the raid by the pirates also manage to in a drunken rage chop off one of her fingers. The priestess of Shelyn managed to get it reattached in time and it seems to be healing well. She is a definite loose cannon that I will be watching closely.

It is about 6 bells after high-sun as I write this and our vessels are about to pull into the port of Corentyn at the Arch of Aroden. The Arch is truly a marvel. Kahaterina says the gods themselves created it, and it certainly seems to live up to the tall prospect that that is the case. We’re suppose to be here for a day, departing the following evening. I am going to try and get Worg to go out and have a drink with me. I am hoping he can be convinced to help me get a generous split of the earnings from the sale of the rowing craft.



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