Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (四)

2nd Toilday, Gozran, 4715 AR

After several more days at sea, our vessels put into the port of Corentyn just to the east of the Arch of Aroden. While I typically do not comment on the more philosophical aspects of life, this monument to the prowess of the gods is certainly profound. The arch spans out of site, and if I am told correctly by Kahaterina, it has a magical wall of force that can in times of need encompass the entire structure to prevent a naval incursion.

We were in port for a day, and I managed to get Worg to go get an ale after he had his crew unload and load both the Firetreader and Water Weird. I spoke with him at length about speaking with the captain about getting me a more ample share of the booty from the sale of the captured rowing vessel. After a while, Worg was amenable to that and ended up speaking with the captain the next day. Captain Valrienos was apparently not convinced however. I informed Worg that having a loyal, dedicated, and very skilled archer to assist him if needed was worth more than the greed of the captain. I think Worg and I have an understanding that will likely present itself in conversations through the politics of the ships.

I also attempted to gather information on Captain Valrienos while in Corentyn, but to no avail. I will see about getting information in our next port of call. The next couple of days went uneventfully. I relaxed, and resumed my evaluation of the crew and my fellow hires.



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