Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (六)

2nd Fireday, Gozran, 4715 AR

After the crew continued to stand by for seemed like an unusually long time, the captain ordered the ship to be searched. I went back to my stateroom to rest while the crew did that. Of course, the ship ended up having nothing on board (other than the corpse). Nothing more came about from anyone attempting to figure out how the corpse of the dead sailor came aboard in the manner it was stated to have come over the rail.

I don’t see any relevance between the job and the corpse. It seems like my fellow hires are looking for things where nothing exists. Sailors die all the time out on the sea, and especially on the ocean. I find it particularly odd that my fellow hires, being aware of us being in the vicinity of Hellmouth Bay, may find that there is something worth investigating: a sailor died because someone attacked. I suppose this will teach this cheap ass captain to hire better sailors next time, or perhaps hire people that can actually protect the ship. The captain is cutting corners, and I am certain Lord Dagons’ creatures or cultists are taking advantage of it.

The rest of the day (since it started just a bell into the rise of Somal) was uneventful. The crew were naturally superstitious about all matters of what was behind the sailor dying. Beyond defending myself I see nothing to look into here.

The crew just wrapped up searching the ship, so I’m heading back to bed.



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