Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (八)

2nd Sunday, Gozran, 4715 AR


Group attacked late at night. A water elemental ends up boarding the ship, bypassing Khaterina’s alarm spell. The slamming of a body up on main deck was heard and many people responded. Chul-Moo and Sandraudiga couldn’t hear initially, still remaining asleep. After awaking, Chul-Moo listened to see what he might pick up from the scuffle on the main deck, but couldn’t make it out.

Other’s ran to see first-hand what was transpiring on the main deck, to include: Joryn, Sandraudiga, Khaterina, Petronicus, Bellamy, and Kyra. Crew members could be heard moving about the deck rather swiftly and general sounds of melee ensued.

Not long into the melee, Joryn was bullrushed over the starboard rail, and not long thereafter, Khaterina was grappled and pulled over the stern of the ship from the poop deck. Joryn in Eidolon form began making attempts at climbing the side of the ship with claws. Khaterina ended up being pulled further under the surface of the water by the humanoid creature that was grappling her. She swiftly fell from sight as it was pitch black out, and she went to deep to see.

The battle ensued on the main deck with other people continuing to fight water elementals. Eventually, Chul-Moo went above deck and decided not to engage after seeing water elementals. After briefly locking eyes with Worg, he ended up going below deck again and returning his quarters. Eventually, as the battle continued, and the Firetreader continued to move farther away from Khaterina’s last known position in the water, Sandraudiga decided to attempt a rescue.

Sandraudiga grabbed a good deal of rope, tied herself off and dived into the ocean towards Khaterina’s last known position. Additionally, Joryn by this time was able to climb aboard the ship again and begin the process of summoning a squid in an effort to aid Khaterina and Sandraudiga.

As Khhaterina had been under the surface of the ocean for a few rounds by this time, she was getting assailed from all different directions, by both the water elemental and the humanoid creature. Initially the humanoid creature began to pull Khaterina deeper down into the oceans depths, albeit at a slow pace. Khaterina realizing her futility in attempting to break the grip of the humanoid creature attempted to feign death. Her ruse worked initially, and the humanoid creature stopped taking her further down. After not to long however, the water elemental caught up to the both of them and grappled Khaterina away from the humanoid creature after she had struggled to get away and as well realized that Khaterina was in fact not dead. A small melee between the humanoid and the water elemental ensued with the water elemental winning out and taking Khaterina yet another 90 feet further down into the dark, oceanic depths.

It was at this time that after Joryn had had the opportunity to regain his human form, and summon a squid, that a jetted squid slammed into the water elemental, freeing up Khaterina from its hold. Simultaneously, a magical flare of sorts was dropped into the ocean, providing a limited amount of luminescence and allowing Sandraudiga to find a rough location of Khaterina. Soon after, Sandraudiga grabbed a hold of Khaterina and pulled tight on the rope that had been slack, allowing the forward momentum of the ship to violently pull them forward and up, erupting forth from the surface of the ocean. Sailors then pulled both Khaterina and Sandraudiga out of the frigid waters, and on to the deck of the ship.

Immediately, Khaterina was taken below deck to get warmed up and checked over by Kyra and the ship surgeon, Cherrylilly. A short while after getting blankets and comfort to Khaterina, an outburst was heard on deck, followed by orders from the captain for archers to the rails. A seeming simulacrum of Khaterina was floating starboard of the ship and was hauled aboard after short reflection. Chul-Moo briefly left his cabin to examine what was going on above deck, then went back below to the galley to get some food.

After the other Khaterina was pulled on board, additional concern was expressed and Chul-Moo at this point went above deck again examined the other Khaterina for an alignment aura and determined it not to be evil, at least according to Chul-Moo’s Detect Evil ability. He stated that it was not evil, and proceeded back below deck to examine the other Khaterina with the same ability. Joryn at this point loudly exclaimed something about the Khaterina above deck, the immediately went below deck, following behind Chul-Moo to the room that Sandraudiga had Khaterina in.

As Chul-Moo stood in the doorway of the stateroom that had Sandraudiga and Khaterina in it, he detected evil from the clone of Khaterina. As Chul-Moo examined the imposter of Khaterina, Joryn asked if it was Khaterina, to which Chul-Moo replied no, it wasn’t, and that he would kill her. With alarm on the face of Sandraudiga, she stood up, blocked the doorway and declared that no one would attack her without fully knowing whether or not it was in fact an imposter or Khaterina. Chul-Moo unemotionally continued to stare at this point, as a smoky explosion erupted from the bunk that had the Khaterina imposter lying on it, and the session ended there.



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