Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (五)

2nd Wealday and Oathday, Gozran, 4715 AR

Woke up to the sounds of alarm at about 1 bell past high-moon on the 2nd Wealday. Apparently two of the new crew hires went missing while they were supposed to be on shift. Both were also supposed to be form the port of Corentyn. My fellow hires, who I will now call VIP’s as the captain has apparently titled us as such and has asked that we stay out of ship affairs as VIP’s.

I’m letting the captain dig his own grave with this mess. I’ll just sit back and watch him fail at this and have to capitulate to his own initial demands by asking for help.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t but a few minutes later that most of my fellow hires began helping run some sort of investigation. These people really are unbelievable. They appear to be looking, like children, for an opportunity to show their prowess by showing up the next person. I figure I’ll watch them dig themselves more holes for themselves, and come in at the last minute and earn their loyalty that way. Loyalty appears to be the currency they trade in the most, so I figure I can earn some rather large piles of it through well timed assistance. I’m hoping I can get the captain to lose credibility in the process as well.

2nd Oathday

Another man went missing in the middle of the night, in the early hours of the 2nd Oathday. Someone saw a man go overboard. After several minutes of my fellow hires searching high and low for him, a seemingly unholy occurrence took place. The corpse of the overboard ship hand went up the outer hull of the ship on its back and slithered over the side railing onto the deck. Nothing happened with the corpse after that, however, Shelyn cried out that the corpse was undead, which sent a powerful fear through the crew who recoiled to far sides of the ship from the corpse. Yet another nick against the captain as it becomes apparent that the VIP’s are more useful than they seem.



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