Chronicles of Golarion

From the Journal of Khaterina Arlen (Entry 3)

This trip is beginning to test my patience, as it is long and boring. I haven’t had access to a proper library to keep me busy in some time now. I feel as if my mind is leaking out of me.

At least the company is good for the most part, though the man Chul-Moo is quite the bore, and makes me more and more uncomfortable every time we end up fighting something. Last time in questioning one of the orcs who attacked the ship, he removed the finger to get at a ring, when he could have just taken it off the old fashioned way. The man is disgusting and I shall have to figure out some contingencies in dealing with him, I do not trust him.

Sandraudiga, while completely insane with what seemed grief of her tribesman, cut her own finger off trying to get into a chest. Kyra took care of her thankfully and she seems to be keeping most of her function intact. She is a strange woman this barbarian, but there is something oddly endearing about her. I shall have to watch her and see what she is capable of, for her talents in combat seem as if they would be strong.

We stopped in Corentyn, which was a nice opportunity to get a few new spells and to relax a mite. I had some dinner with Bellamy, who is by and large the most civilized of our group, and is quite pleasant to talk with. He has a flair for the dramatic, but it is an endearing quality, and I think I will enjoy my time with him the most. He can defend himself with flair and a civilized manner that you do not see often in this world.

We had to leave again though the following day, which was a shame, for I am sick of being on that bloody ship. Some of the crew started going missing though partway into the trip, right as we are sailing over an underwater city of monsters. This is fairly foreboding, and Bellamy saw some kind of creature on the rail pull someone over. He didn’t get a good look as I lit up my staff which blinded him. I really must find a way to overcome this poor sight of mine, and I feel bad for the inconvenience I caused the man.

So I cast an alarm spell upon the railing so we may catch whatever creature is causing this, and hopefully get out of this alive. Soon after the corpse of one of the missing men slid over the railing, activating my alarm. It slid on its own over the railing, and I wished I had had my glitter-dust prepared. It might have revealed something invisible, these issues are really beginning to tax my patience.



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