Chronicles of Golarion

The North Bridge of Korvosa



The party having finally arrived in Varisia docked in the city of Korvosa, a Cheliaxian vassal city state. They were immediately summoned to the church of Abadar to meet with Wren who had used the portal gate (open only to the elite) to teleport between Westcrown and Korvosa.

The group was informed by Wren that the time-table for recovering the Sin Sword was fast closing and also that something strange was gripping the city. She directed them that they should flee the city that very night to avoid being caught up in what was happening within the walls.

As the party gathered their gear and raced for the north gate. Bellamy the swordsmen took it apon himself to inform several guardsmen that he believed the ship sunk in the bay was the source of the malady that was fast sweeping through the city. His constant, loud, proclamations have caused the city guard to peruse the party, finally trapping them as they attempt to cross the north gate bridge.

They now stand facing several city soldiers and one lethal Grey Maiden, a member of the queen’s own guard.



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