Petronicus Wardroxan

An older man with a scarred face and hands


Born in the city of Westcrown, Petronicus has spent the vast majority of his life in the old capital’s alchemist labs. For the past three decades Petronicus has worked in the labs of Aula Fullonna creating potions and experimenting with dangerous chemicals. Petronicus never paid much heed to the politics of Cheliax or what his creations were used for. He was happy tucked away in the corner of the lab mixing his elixers and creating potions.

Then one day, arriving early in the morning he found the labs burning and while the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack stood watch. All of his equipment was destroyed and all his colleagues were dead or missing Fearing that the Order of the Rack would be looking for anyone who worked in the labs, Petronicus left his home and went into hiding in Rego Cader, the Westcrown district where he often would go to gather herbs.

It’s been a four months since the lab was destroyed and his money has begun to run low. He’s been awakened to the state of his city and he’s worried that the Order of the Rack may still be interested in him. He wants to get out of the city and after years in the dark lab, he finds the idea frightening but also a little exciting.

Petronicus Wardroxan

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