Chronicles of Golarion

工作 一百三十七 (一)
1st Oathday, Gozran, 4715 AR

Three days after departing Westcrown, we were set upon by pirates. They consisted of primarily gobins, orcs, and some ogres. A vessel approached from the south and came within boarding range, while another invisible vessel approached from the east between the Firetreader and Water Weird. A melee ensued with both the crew and travelers of the Firetreader and Water Weird repelling the pirates. I learned a great deal of those that travel with me from this battle. I have no idea what to expect from any of them, but watching them is helping a great deal in ascertaining their strengths and weaknesses.

The battle lasted several minutes. Petronicus was particularly valuable to the direction and success of the battle. His alchemical design are impressive and very decisive in affecting large swaths of a battlefield. He effectively creates pockets of debilitating toxins that seem to render most combatants ineffective, if not helpless. He appears to understand some inherent level of battlefield tactics as his placement of the toxic clouds create narrow fields of movement that were very helpful for the use of my bow, and for melee combatants to choke off forward progression. Petronicus is certainly one to be aware of if every anything went south. He seemed initially rather addled, but I am uncertain if this is actually true. After studying him more, I feel he may just be more eccentric than anything.

Sandraudiga appears to be consistent in her mannerisms, as is my analysis of her. She appears to be very loyal. Something to be exploited if need be: likely her biggest weakness. She is powerful, and well skilled in melee combat. Her greatest weakness would be against mind affecting toxins and ranged attacks. Sandraudiga had a conflict with Worg (the quartermaster) during the melee. Not sure if this hurt relations between her and the crew, but it may be something useful to use later.

Joryn summoned what I have come to learn is an Eidolon. He is a summoner, and apparently, a powerful one for his years. It is doubtful that mind affecting toxins would work as well as constitutional toxins, but this man would need to be put down fast due to his summoning abilities: Eidolons are quite potent. Joryn keeps to himself quite a lot. He is the one that concerns me the most so far, as I know the least about him. Joryn does not give tells to vices, weaknesses, or anything much at all. I will continue to study him and see what I can determine.

Kahaterina is definitely weak in melee. She would have to be taken in melee rather than ranged I think. She has spells that could help her at ranged I think more than taking her out directly if need be. She does seem to possess a desire to please people though, and this may be something to take advantage of should the need arise, much like with the weakness of loyalty that Sandraudiga shamefully allocates.

Bellamy is a puffer. He thrives on attention and drama. He is skilled in melee, but seems caught up in himself so much that I feel he could be handled with subtle guile. Mind affecting toxins with ranged delivery are this mans greatest weakness from my observations so far. He seems committed to this group in the same, fool-hardy manner that Sandraudiga and Kahaterina are.

Kyra appears to be a typical lump on a log priestess. She mindlessly moves to aid people without thought for herself, others, or why she would do so. If she has a reason for her actions beyond blind devotion, she gives no hint as to what it would be. She is most definitely critical these peoples survival though.

Generally speaking, short of Petronicus, Joryn, and Kahaterina, everyone seems rather unfocused, and a danger to themselves and others. They are impulsive, rash, and thoughtless it seems mostly. Their actions appear to be driven by the moment, rather than a higher, dedicated purpose.

After the primary combatants were eliminated or injured to sufficiently claim victory, I went around and finished off any survivors. I then moved to Worg immediately and claimed my part of the booty under color of maritime law. I was rewarded with a wand of feather fall. A rather helpful, and valuable magical item. I also received a share of the gold. All in all, it turned out well. After the captain scuttled the invisible ship, he hooked up the smaller, rowed ship, and headed west.

From the Journal of Khaterina Arlen (Entry 2)

Our fat was pulled out of the fire by a strange attractive swordsman and his employer, a woman by the name of Wen. She is a high priestess of Abadar, and took us into the temple to let us lay low for a few days. I cannot say this is the brightest thing I have done, to help this old man of an Alchemist, but I have to live with it. The contract was really my only option as it got us out of the city, but it should be fascinating.

We are to retrieve a sword stolen from an Abadarian vault, which I didn’t think was even possible. The woman’s name is Tirianna and from Kaer Maga, and I will have to improve my magical ability significantly if I am to take down someone who was able to break into an Abadar vault. I think our best bet is to track down her subordinates and use that to get at the woman, and the new member of our group seems like he could be useful for that. He seems to be quite skilled, even if he is a bit dour.

We took a ship out of the bay, two of them, the Firetreader and the Waterwyrd, I boarded the larger of the two the Firetreader. We were at sea for a few days when we were attacked by orcish and ogre pirates, they were quite violent. I did my best to put a few of them to sleep, and kept the larger ogre’s mind occupied while my comrades fought the rest. I do not think we would have survived if that armoured ogre had had the chance to attack us in full. It was a nightmarish beast, and I was worried, and am very glad my spell worked out, otherwise we might have had bigger issues to face. I spent most of the battle holed up at the front of the ship, wasn’t going to get myself hurt like I was while fleeing my old apartment.

工作 一百三十七
4th Mooday, Pharast, 4715 AR

Hired by Wen Hestani at the temple of Abadar as an official contract. I was briefed by her on the 4th Moonday of Pharast. She then introduced me to the other hires the following day. Wen Hestani is the High Priestess of the temple in Westcrown.

She has told me that a sword from the Vaults of Magnamar, in Varisia, has been stolen. She wants it retrieved. She also wants a sorceress by the name of Tirana brought back too. No last name on this mark. Not uncommon, but I don’t know if this is her true name: I doubt it.

The sword is a non-contemporary artifact. It’s approximately 5 feet in length. I wasn’t told as to what martial/ceremonial style it is, other than it is not an overly ornate sword: it may go unnoticed in some circumstances according to Wen.

History of the sword: Thassanians were the dominant race prior to the Starfall. The Thassian empire was run by (5) wizards, with the lands portioned out under those wizards. Apparently fights/disputes were settled by warrior proxies that used these particular swords/artifacts in an effort to avoid destroying all of known existence.

The Champions (as they are referred to by Wen) of the Wizards supposedly referred to these swords as, “Sin Swords.” I don’t know much more about them than that. There is a wizard in our entourage however, so she may be of use in uncovering information about this sword more than we already know.

The mark:
Name: Tirana
Current Location: Kaermaga (City on the Edge of the Plateau); supposedly this is her actual base of operations, but Wen seemed uncertain about a lot of things even after her alleged powerful divinations, so I have no idea if this is accurate or not.
Additional Information

  1. Breached the vaults with purported ease
  2. Has agents working for her, but not much is known about them at this point
  3. It seems that based on her alluded to powers, she is likely around the 13th Circle of Power as a sorceress
  4. She has some alleged ties/associations with Diabolism. I’m not sure what this means, and frankly I have a weird feeling about how Wen stated this. Diabolism in Chelexia is not a big deal, and in fact is a good thing showing faith in Asmodeus and the country, so I am not sure if this is a hint at something else or not.
  5. Associates: A likely young adult black dragon named, “Casedal”; a fire giant named Gruenar [lives in Kaermaga and may be somehow more affiliated with this sorceress than just a simple work relation]; Aeriel Tulann [no information beyond the name, so likely a botched Divination spell by Wen or one of her priests]

Entourage: Kahaterina Arlen (Human, female, wizard); Bellamy (Elven Magus); Kyra (Human Priestess of Shelyn); Petronicus Wardroxan (Human, male, alchemist); Joryn Vorandel (possible half-elf, arcane caster likely but unknown); Sandraudiga (human, female, savage)

Kahaterina Arlen
Since I distrust arcane and divine casters the most, I focused as much time as I could on Kahaterina. From what my sources tell me, she is a noblewoman from Nax, who use to work out of an apartment she had in Westcrown, in the Crown District. She use to sell magical services of an unknown variety.

She has a known rivalry or significance between herself and House Arvanxi (6th most powerful House in Cheliax). Arvanxi primarily trades and works in agriculture, gem mining and distribution near the Andorian border. They also deal in services sold by priests in their employ, general merchant work and their specialties, as well as in shipping.

After watching her on ship I don’t have any more information about her as of now. She seems like a stuck up bitch, so she likely is in fact a noblewoman.

I didn’t have time to learn anything of this magus before we set sail from Westcrown. The one engagement we have fought together in proved him to be rather useless. I don’t know if he doesn’t have sea legs about him, or if he really is useless at what he does.

She seems to be a typical peace goer of Shelyn. She’s naive, and likely has no idea what she has gotten herself into in Cheliax. She has her head so far up her ass with her false beliefs that she likely will be dead before long. She has been yammering about her beliefs, but does seem to selflessly help others, which is likely what will lead to her death. She may be a good person to utilize in a last ditch effort if I need some assistance before making an escape, or other course of action as needed. She’s naive enough to believe pretty much anything I would gather at this point from a first observation.

This alchemist appears to have some sort of mental disorder. He may be going senile. Though, while he may seem addled, he does have the art of alchemy down quite well. He has some potent alchemical tools at his disposal. If for some reason I have to make some sort of escape or attack, I will keep my eye on him. He is not worth anything in direct combat, but as a second line fighter with his skills, he is potent.

I know little to nothing about this….arcanist. He appears to have a focus in summoning magics/rituals, is about all I can gather at this point. While I have been riding on the “Firetreader”, he has been on the “Water Weird.” He was seemingly useful and capable in combat when we were attacked by pirates, but I didn’t have the luxury of really determining his strengths and weaknesses as of yet. He is another, as with Kahaterina, that I will need to keep an eye on in the event that something goes awry.


This woman is a beast and savage. She is everything I could possibly hate in a……“woman.” She is large, bulky, defies womanliness and is what most would expect from a savage. While she is appalling, she is a force to be reckoned with in combat. She exhibits pretty typical savage traits: blood lust and rage are the core of her combative prowess. Her weakness is definitely in the mind. If she is to be put down in a hurry, it will need to be with some strong, mentally disabling poisons/oils.

Additional Notes
I left the port of Westcrown aboard the Firetreader. I was with Bellamy, Kyra, Petronicus, and Kahaterina. Joryn and Sandraudiga have both been on the Water Weird. We left port on the 4th Oathday of Pharast.

Over the course of the first week there was little to garner from these people. They appear to be dull, and are just working for a living, doing these odd jobs. Everything I have learned so far about the people I travel with, are detailed above.

The Captain of the Firetreader is Captain Alveros (Human), and the Captain of the Water Weird is Captain Edamian (Half-Orc). In speaking of my observations of Captain Alveros and his lack of presence, it seems that the Quartermaster, Worg, truly runs the ship, or at least in the absence of the Captain.


Need to check back on Alua Fullonna when I get back to Westcrown. She attempted to bribe me into releasing important information about my life, that was to close to home. I informed her that I would forgive the indiscretion so long as she did nothing to break our deal, or her belief of my affiliations, true or otherwise. If she has talked, she needs to be put down.

From the Journal of Khaterina Arlen (Entry 1)

This has to be one of the stranger days I have ever experienced since coming to Westcrown. I was spending some time outside the Crown District, getting my head out of the mess that is the politics there, and having a small drink. I had a wine in this sort of backwater bar, and was enjoying myself quite a bit initially. There was this strange, and very large, woman who was speaking to some elders of her, I imagine, tribe.

I was content just listening to the crowd around me and sipping on my less than stellar glass of wine. There was a bit of a commotion outside, as some young blonde man I would later find out was in disguise, was being accosted. The men trying to take him prisoner were trying to play themselves off, rather pathetically, as Hellknights. The large Barbarian woman stepped out and, I would guess, pretend to be the man’s wife to get him out of trouble.

I lost my patience though after a short time, and got their attention with the rap of my staff on the floor. I asked them who’s authority they had, and with a rather poor reaction from them, I decided to cast them to sleep. The, I would find out later, Alchemist dropped a rather foul smelling concoction causing a number of the men to vomit on the ground. This would help us when guards came later, as they would be stuck in the same predicament.

Fleeing the scene we went to the Alchemist’s, named Petronicus I would later learn, home. This was an absolute hovel underneath an abandoned building, and the smells were…unpleasant. I did what I could to clean a spot, for I had to sleep there to avoid being outside while the shadow-beasts were out. It was a very unpleasant night.

Come the next morning we had to escape quickly, with guards searching the local buildings, we had to play things carefully. I brought the very odd group, including an interesting spellcaster who summons some sort of Void Beast, to my apartment. Learning about his magic should be fascinating, and he seems a very intelligent individual.

I had the servants in my building bring them some food, and I learned this was not the brightest idea. The servants in this country are not as loyal as the ones in Nex, it is very distasteful. We had to attempt to escape as soon as possible, I am glad I grabbed my things, for we are going to have to leave the city now. An attractive swordsman joined us to try and help, and he is going to lead us north of the city. We have to leave…


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