Pathfinder Chronicles

Seven Swords of Sin

Much has been written about the power of the rulers of ancient Thassilon,
but little is mentioned about their skill at governing. Knowing the
devastation that a full-scale duel between them would unleash, they
settled on an elegant means of solving disputes. Each of the seven wizards created a unique
blade imbued with the barest shadow of his might. Whenever two disagreed, each bestowed
his blade upon a chosen champion. These two champions decided the matter in a fight to
the death. To be a champion for one of the Runelords was the greatest honor a Thassilonian
warrior could aspire to, although such careers were generally short-lived.
Although most of the great Thassilonian wonders were lost in the empire’s fall, there are
those who whisper that the swords themselves remain, hidden, awaiting hands to wield them.
The Thassilonians knew them as the Alara’hai, the Seven Blades of Conviction. Given the
Runelords’ reputation, however, most scholars today know them by a different name.

Emerald Spire

In the River Kingdoms lies the Emerald Spire. The local populace speaks of this monolith in hushed tones or loud boasts. They say that it is an otherworldly gate laden with power and treasure from a alternate world.

Pathfinder Chronicles

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