Across Varisia

The party has arrived in the ancient land of Varisia, the seat of the once great magical empire of Thessalonia. The rugged landscape is strewn with the ruins of long forgotten cities and citadels. Monsters roam the wild countryside stalking tiny loosely tied together outposts of civilization who see more of gypsy caravans than Korvorsian patrols flying Cheliaxian banners.


Welcome to Avistan

This will start as an open ended “sandbox” style campaign where Heroes can make their fortunes or die iniquitously in some far away hole. But based on the choices they make it will develop along a number of given story lines. It’s entirely up to them.

The Campaign starts in Westcrown the old capital of Cheliax in southern Avistan where the PCs are approached by several people seeking different ends and the Characters must “pick their path to adventure.”


Chronicles of Golarion

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